Clear Aligners In Stockport

Straighten your teeth for a more confident smile.

As an alternative to traditional braces, our Clear Aligners can help give you a brand new smile at a much quicker rate - and for a lot less money.

Are you self-conscious about your smile, but traditional braces are far too expensive? Some people are fortunate to have been born with perfectly straight teeth. But for the 48% of people that are unhappy with their smile, solutions such as traditional braces can be both intrusive, costly and lengthy. That’s why Clear Aligners are such a great solution. Our Bespoke Clear Aligners use ground-breaking technology to help you achieve your perfect smile at a much more affordable price than traditional metal braces. Aligners can straighten anything from overcrowded to crooked teeth.


We can realign your teeth in three simple steps, creating your dream smile! It starts with an initial consultation to ensure this treatment option works for you; then, we will create your unique treatment plan to visualise your brand new smile! This allows us to create impressions of your teeth to use when making your Bespoke Clear Aligners. They are a much more discrete form of braces.


Our Clear Aligners are comfortable, clear and removable, unlike traditional braces. What’s more, they’ve been designed to suit your lifestyle and are unobtrusive – something that puts many of us off visiting a dentist in the first place. But there’s no need to worry as none of that is present with Aligners!


Clear Aligners stand out from other dental competitors because there are no wires or brackets to be found, which means that they are practically invisible! In addition, as these braces are not fixed to your teeth, you can remove them when attending an important event and for brushing or even eating.

Questions? We can answer them.

It’s completely normal to have questions around clear aligners, and we are on-hand to answer them. Just get in touch with us via phone, social media or email.


The Treatment Process ​

Although the majority of dental issues can be fixed with Aligners, to check that this is the most efficient and effective treatment for you, our dentists can organise a free consultation, where we can take an impression of your teeth.


A detailed treatment plan will be made using 3D simulation imaging from this impression. This provides you with a detailed look at the movements that your teeth will go through in the coming months. Most importantly, it also allows you to see the final result before you even start. Then, during the treatment, you’ll be given new Aligners on a regular basis designed to move your teeth toward the desired position gradually. We’ll make sure this all goes smoothly.


As with any dental treatment, the time it takes to complete will vary depending on the complexity of the desired straightening. Invisible, comfortable and removable, our Clear Aligners are the best solution to ensure you smile with more confidence than you’ve ever had.


If you are nervous or worried, please do not hesitate to speak with our friendly team.

Clear aligners in Stockport

If you’re interested in our Clear Aligners, then you can visit our practice for a free consultation to help you make the right decision on what braces you need. We know that having braces as an adult can be inconvenient and somewhat embarrassing, which is why we offer the most discreet and comfortable options to suit your lifestyle. 


You can put your faith in Bramhall Smile Clinic. We have over ten years of experience creating perfect smiles for all our loyal customers. Understandably, you may be affected confidence-wise due to having a smile that you are unhappy with, which is why we always strive to offer competitively priced treatments to everyone based in or around the Stockport area. We want everyone to smile with confidence.

Why choose Bramhall Smile Clinic for this treatment?

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer care and services here at Bramhall Smile Clinic. By ensuring all our patients feel comfortable and relaxed at our practice, we hope to support more people in achieving their dream smile through our extensive range of treatments.


Our medical professionals are exceptionally trained to provide many services, from teeth alignments to dentures, teeth whitening, and more cosmetic procedures. The same can be said about a clear aligners, which is regularly and successfully performed for a range of patients.


As we believe in delivering high-quality care at affordable prices, our dentistry services are available to all. So even if you’re nervous, our expert team is on hand to look after you every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

Honestly? The best service ever! These guys are not just flexible and helpful, but they actually care about their patients with passion. We were a little late for our first appointment , worried we won’t be seen, but soon as we walked in David put us at ease with his chatter and Mohammed invited us straight in. And ever since our first appointment whatever the question or help we needed all we had is no problem! Keep up with your great work guys!

Natasha Lewis


What can I say. The most friendly, kind and professional people. I am (was) a very nervous patient but the kindness from Sarah, Azra, Mo and David was such that I was completely at ease. David pulled out all the stops to replace a broken denture and had me smiling again within days. I cannot recommend this Clinic enough. Thanks again guys.

Pamela Leonard

Absolutely brilliant staff! Very friendly and welcoming. Extremely satisfied with the work they did. Highly recommend!
Thank you guys!

Ekaterina St


Excellent Dentistry at Affordable Prices

You won’t need to break the bank to achieve your dream smile either! With our popular Bespoke Clear Aligners, you can straighten your teeth for a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. And, in a fraction of the time too! On average, our patients will see a difference after six months, no longer requiring the aligners for under a year. 

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