Children’s Dentist In Stockport

Ensure your children’s teeth are in tip-top condition.


We have an incredibly friendly team who are able to make your children’s visits a walk in the park rather than a frightening experience!

When it comes to dental hygiene or treatment for children, we believe they should meet us as early as possible in order to stay nice and healthy. This way, if and when your children need any treatment, it will make their dental care a whole lot easier and less traumatising as a result.


The importance of good dental hygiene can never be underestimated as it becomes the cornerstone of experiencing great overall health. For this reason, dental visits should start from a very early age. In order to encourage early participation, we are happy to offer free dental treatment for children under the age of three if you attend them for an appointment.

Emergency dental issue? Call us.

If you need urgent care, ring our clinic where our highly qualified team are on-hand to assess the issue and book you in for a consultation or treatment.

Child Friendly Team.

At Bramhall Smile Clinic, we know that for many adults a simple visit to the dentist can be daunting. Some people suffer from fears and phobias that might have stemmed from a bad experience they once had when visiting a dentist as a child themselves. For this reason, we understand the importance of making your child feel as relaxed as possible. By eradicating the sterile clinical environment favouring a relaxing, patient-friendly practice – and by adopting a non-forceful approach whereby we won’t force a child into doing anything they don’t want to do – we believe that they’ll have an all-round better dental experience from the very beginning.


We will be able to advise on any treatment they may need and monitor how they’re developing if you bring them in regularly. Later on in life, we wish we had better dental hygiene as children. This can be prevented if parents teach their children good dental hygiene and not to be scared of the dentist. Although not an easy feat, this is definitely 100% achievable.

Tooth Decay Treatment

Did you know that over 30,000 children under 12 visited the hospital for tooth extractions last year? It’s also been proven that if a child learns the importance of caring for their teeth at an early age, there’s an 89% chance that they’ll be completely free from tooth decay by 15. For this reason alone, learning good dental habits early on in your life is vital.


Our highly experienced team is used to working with children, so whether it’s dental hygiene or treatment for your children, we will make sure their dental care is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Our Lead Nurse, Azra Mahmood, has extended duties in Oral Hygiene Instruction and is qualified to apply fluoride varnish to children’s teeth. We also have a designated area, especially for children. At Bramhall Smile Clinic, we aim to be the best for you and your children.

Why choose Bramhall Smile Clinic for this treatment?

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer care and services here at Bramhall Smile Clinic. By ensuring all our patients feel comfortable and relaxed at our practice, we hope to support more people in achieving their dream smile through our extensive range of treatments.

Our medical professionals are exceptionally trained to provide many services, from teeth alignments to dentures, teeth whitening, and more cosmetic procedures. 

we believe in delivering high-quality dental care at affordable prices, our dentistry services are available to all. So even if you’re nervous, our expert team is on hand to look after you every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

Honestly? The best service ever! These guys are not just flexible and helpful, but they actually care about their patients with passion. We were a little late for our first appointment , worried we won’t be seen, but soon as we walked in David put us at ease with his chatter and Mohammed invited us straight in. And ever since our first appointment whatever the question or help we needed all we had is no problem! Keep up with your great work guys!

Natasha Lewis


What can I say. The most friendly, kind and professional people. I am (was) a very nervous patient but the kindness from Sarah, Azra, Mo and David was such that I was completely at ease. David pulled out all the stops to replace a broken denture and had me smiling again within days. I cannot recommend this Clinic enough. Thanks again guys.

Pamela Leonard

Absolutely brilliant staff! Very friendly and welcoming. Extremely satisfied with the work they did. Highly recommend!
Thank you guys!

Ekaterina St


Excellent Dentistry at Affordable Prices

You won’t need to break the bank to achieve your dream smile! Our experienced dental hygienists pride themselves on offering a consistently high level of service at a budget-friendly price. We believe that everyone should be able to smile with confidence.